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September 25, 2019

What Defines A Good Brand Design?

By Andy Lai


What Defines A Good Brand Design?

Creating an empowering design that powers your brand is no longer impossible with the help of modern software and the many different styles of designs that are present in the Internet.
However, the definition of a good design is up to an individual’s taste. It is up to the designer or the creative to enhance or cater the design to the audience’s liking.
In this article, we will decipher the art of making a good design that helps propel your brand to greater heights.

Having a good aesthetic

A good design may differ from person to person, but all would agree that having a logo or design that pops out immediately, attracting you to the product or service is one way to bolster your brand image.

PCL | NOKUA Design
All designs should lean towards being clean, sleek and more importantly, recognisable, contributing to the strong aesthetics of the brand.
A well-executed design will allow people to remember the brand, regardless of what it is. A great example of this is McDonald’s Malaysia. As their logo is merely a big ‘M’, their designs are mostly based on their product: burgers and fries.

By capitalizing on the already iconic visuals of their products, McDonald’s is guaranteeing more eyes on what they sell, propelling them to levels above their nearest competitors.

McDonald | NOKUA Design
Designed in 2011, the aesthetics of the McDonald's wrappers and boxes are still being used today all around the world because of how prominent and iconic the 'M' is.

Credits: Design Business Association

Meticulously detailed

After learning about the context of the design, you must then answer questions that no consumer will ever ask you just by glancing at your work: your vision, mission and the name of your brand!

Branding | NOKUA Design
Bold colours meeting minimalistic colours are one of the latest trends nearing the new decade, with many brands choosing to rebrand with a striking intent.

Credit: Adobe

Picture 1: Super Gradient by Song hojong

Picture 2: J.Curl by Erik Musin, Timofei Popandopulo, Aleksey Zadorozhnyi

Picture 3: Sprinkle by Nick Edlin

Picture 4: O'care by Nika Levitskaya

From the colour scheme to the elements present in your designs, it should have the look and feel of your brand from the get go. Your brand vision or mission does not have to be slapped across any of your designs, but it should be felt, not just seen by your audiences.

The designs should also be able to fulfil its purpose as well. If the design is, say, to entice more people to be aware of a promotion you are currently having, it should have the ability to allow the audience to both be aware of the offers and also associate it with your brand as well.

Treo Merino | NOKUA Design
Fonts, design style and even the font size can give your audience a gist of your brand vision and mission.

Multifaceted designs

Even with a good aesthetic or detailed designs, it will be difficult for many brands to invoke a feel or emotion to all their potential consumers.

Good designs should be multifaceted, where they adopt multiple personalities for all to see. For example, we can take a look at the wave effect, a newly rediscovered genre by many designers across the world. While it was obscure for the better part of the decade, the return of retro and striking colours brought back the wave effect, adding 3D and perhaps a more holographic element to the designs we make.

Branding | NOKUA Design
The wave effect is one of the newest ways to promote your brand because of how different the style is in comparison to the flat look and feel of most designs.

Credit: Merehead

A brand can benefit from the design trends, allowing their products or services to stand out without sacrificing much of their elements.

A good design should possess qualities that can set a brand image that many of your audience can relate to almost immediately. A modern brand will always employ very good designs to set themselves apart from their competitors with their own look and feel.

A good design can separate yourself from your other competitors, making your brand recognizable just by the image itself. From a simple website theme to the colour schemes present in all your visuals, your brand will flourish as long as your designs make you, you!

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