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August 13, 2019
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A starter's guide to digital branding

By Andy Lai


A starter's guide to digital branding

Digital branding is currently one of the most effective marketing methods in the world, especially in Malaysia, where a record 87.4% Malaysians are Internet users*. For your brand, going digital can impact how much traction your company can get in terms of awareness to even the purchasing of your products and services.

In this article, you will find what digital branding is and how it can make your brand visible to the eyes of the others.


What is digital branding?

By definition, digital branding is how you want your brand to be seen, to be heard and to be interacted with on a digital platform. In essence, everything from your banner ads, SEOs to even a phone app are all considered digital branding.

You may find digital branding to not just be a direct way to market your brand, but also as a way to further spread awareness or image of your brand to your target audiences.

Be visible

Letting your brand personality shine is a must as mentioned in our previous article. To do this effectively, your digital advertising must stand out among the rest.

One of the many digital advertising methods that other brands have done so far is using digital ads. Digital advertising is one of the many examples of digital advertising. As an ad, its main role is to allow visibility to your brand and adding a humane touch to whatever you are attempting to sell.

Depending on what type of product and service you are selling, you are making sure your brand is visible among your other competitors. Whether you are a start-up or a grizzled veteran in the industry, digital advertising is the focal starting point that can make or break your brand perception.

Increase your credibility

After building visibility, it is time to build a bridge that connects you with your prospective clients.

When you are trying to build trust by utilizing digital content, you need to be aware of the type of content that your audiences can resonate to. Pay attention to the important keywords that they would type when searching for something similar to your product and services.

Another method would be to highlight case studies or bring a set of statistics that may benefit you. If it is a genuine case study presented by your own company, you will definitely gain more credibility.

Connecting your audience's moments with your product or service is essential in digital branding.

Bridging the branding gap

When you are working on your brand, it is inevitable that you have two different sides of opinions from two different camps: the creatives, and the marketers.

The creatives will try to think outside the box and turn your brand into something not seen before by any consumers alike. The marketers will try to strategize your products and services, using various methods to shine a spotlight to your company and its brand as a whole.

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By meshing in a creative's design with a marketer's wit, you can target mass audiences and get the numbers needed for your branding to succeed, translating a digital product to a physical one.
*Data found in MCMC’s Internet Users Survey 2018.