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July 26, 2019
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August 19, 2019

What defines a good logo and tagline?

By Andy Lai


What defines a good logo and tagline?

A good logo and tagline make up most of the first impressions that the consumers have of your brand. What defines ‘good’ in the world of many logos and taglines in this era of globalization?
In this article, we will explore the few reasons why that some brands are more fleshed out than others.


We as consumers are getting more in touch with the visual take of a brand now more than ever. Here are a few reasons why:

1. A memorable and enduring look

The first thing anyone sees when they want to know more about your products or services is the logo, and if it is not as memorable as it should be, your brand will easily lag behind your competitors.

A logo needs to have some imageries of your product or services in a manner that you wish them to see. Is it funny, formal or even cheeky? It is entirely up to you, but it must be able to bring your brand aesthetic out in the open for the rest to see.

Cliest logo
To achieve a truly memorable look for your logo, your logo and name must resonate with each other, correlating and co-existing together.

2. Simplicity is the best policy

Oftentimes, you may find some logos to be more Jackson Pollock than Andy Warhol.

A logo should not be messy and full of relevant rationales. In the end, all that a logo needs are the essence of your brand imprinted on it.

As many consumers are exposed to different types of logos from the same industry/field of work, a simple logo design can truly stand out.

Cleist Logo
With the background being fully white, the logo exudes an air of elegance that pairs with the product or service that it is selling.

3. An actual purpose

Ever had an existential crisis before? Your brand logo has it too, because without a certain theme or meaning behind the design, you are only left with a loosely thought scribble that you call a logo.

A logo’s purpose should reflect the values you already have for your brand and then accentuate in a series of visuals. By then, your consumers will be able to know what the company does and how it can benefit them as a whole.


If a logo is one to be remembered, a tagline is one to be memorized. Even if it sounds really long, it will be alright as long as it sounds right. Take a look why:

1. Values and mission statements in one sentence

As explored in our previous article about brand identity, the best kind of taglines are the ones that condenses your company’s existence into one single sentence.

The type of tagline is defined by the amount of reputation you have in the first place. For example, Nike’s tagline is ‘Just do it’. It is a vague tagline that just works for one of the biggest sports and lifestyle wear companies in the world.

The simplest and easiest way to promote a brand with your tagline is to go straight to the point, cutting all corners and going straight in to the main selling point of the product itself.

2. The right font

Once you have the words to truly define your brand, you will need the right font to imprint that tagline into a consumer’s mind. A good font makes your tagline easier to read and associate itself with the brand.

3. Easy on the tongue

All great taglines have one thing in common: they roll out of our tongues easily. From Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ to McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It”, it is not hard to see why these brands are often remembered more than their other competitors.

It does not necessarily have to be vague or concise; it just needs the right tone and words to create a sentence for your consumers to see and remember.

No matter which type of image or typeface you use to design your logo or tagline, you have to remember the key essentials that make your brand, yours.