You are your own brand advocate.

Establishing Your Brand Identity
May 9, 2014
Alex Tan | NOKUA Design | Co-Founder
Nokua Star: Alex Tan
July 26, 2019

You are your own brand advocate.

By Andy Lai

If you are reading this now, chances are you are the founder of your own brand. If so, do you know you are your very own brand advocate?

Yes, you. Your words and actions must align with your brand values and mission statements. In this article, we will share and highlight some tips on how to be a true ambassador of your brand and expand your reach to your consumers.

Build a good corporate web impression

Being a good brand advocate is not just being presentable physically, but to also be a part of your brand’s digital web impressions as well.

The main point of having web impressions is to garner first impressions and build awareness together, something that most founders do not know.

While small businesses are keen to use social media to build awareness, many B2B businesses use their own website as a way to garner first impressions.

As an ambassador to your brand, you have to craft a positive image of your company and ensure all aspects of your company are well insured.

Having a good corporate web impression also gives you real time feedback to all your posts, giving you an opportunity to better know your consumers as a whole.

A positive web impression gives both your company and your credibility, which is a huge step towards your consumers trusting your products or services.

Have a media company mentality

In the digital age, your competition grows even more with access to many different alternatives to your brand.

To take advantage of your expanded target audiences, you have to function like a media company.

Keep publishing content on your social media sites, take note of local or international trends and be always be the centre of attention. You want to be seen and heard by your consumers.

Nokua Design’s Alex Tan endorses this very much. “In order to engage with the audiences, first impressions are very important.

In Malaysia, most of the target audiences get their first impressions from social media platforms,” Alex said.

“To understand and to evolve with their consumer needs, a company must establish a relationship with them and engage with them accordingly.”*

Nokua Design’s Creative Director Alex Tan mentions that having a social media mentality enables you to engage with all your major audiences.

Build your brand image, not your sales

The biggest mistake a company can do is prioritizing sales instead of building a brand image.

Investing in branding can almost never be a mistake, and there is no right or wrong way to plan how you want to build it.

On the other hand, you have to ensure that you do not get distracted over short-term revenue and neglect your consumers as a whole.

To be a true advocate, build a brand. Once you do so, you will find that your reputation, respect and adoration among your consumers will only improve and rise in the long term.

Be yourself

If this sounds simple to you, then you might have been doing it wrong the whole time.

To be yourself, you literally have to be yourself.

You do not have to be relatable or TV-friendly; your best-selling point is your own charisma and character, something that other leaders will not be able to replicate.

Do not water your character down to a diluted version of yourself, because a major point of branding is to make something, someone memorable.

Document, not create

If you want to be seen and heard, you have to publish a lot of content for them to see it.

You can do it in Facebook, Instagram or any other social media sites, but you would have to post at least 7 times a week in order to gain traction with your target audiences.

What is the easiest way to consistently churn out content? Plan your content a week ahead, not day-by-day. This will allow a smoother transition to the things you want to talk about.

Think before you speak

Yes, being yourself requires you to speak whatever it is in your heart’s desire, but you have to remember that being both the founder and advocate of your brand means your words have weight in them. Serious weight.

The digital age does not forgive, and neither do your consumers. Words that you may mean nothing to others a few months ago can be brought back from the bottomless depths of the Internet to bite you back.

Even if it is a well-meaning message, it will still affect your brand image, one way or another.

The best way to handle this is to always put some thought in your words before you speak it while being genuine at the same time. You do not want to embarrass yourself, do you?

If you are a fledging entrepreneur, following these steps will almost guarantee a certain degree of success when you are trying to build your brand image from the ground up. Do not neglect on your own image!

*More of Alex Tan’s insights will be published on this Wednesday’s Nokua Star at 24th July 2019.

Post update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our first ever Nokua Star interview featuring Alex Tan will be published on next Monday at 30th July 2019 instead.